Are Tommee Tippee bottles good for breastfed babies?

The soft, wide nipple mimics the movement, stretch and feeling of a real breast. Plus, parents appreciate that these bottles are easy to hold (thanks to the wide neck) and don’t have a lot of parts to keep track of and clean.

Can you use Tommee Tippee bottles for breast milk?

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature bottles are designed, to be as close to breastfeeding as bottle feeding can be. … This set offers six 9-ounce bottles including the lids.

What bottles should I use when breastfeeding?

These are the top bottles for breastfed babies:

  1. Comotomo Natural-Feel Baby Bottles. …
  2. NUK Simply Natural Bottles. …
  3. Nanobebe Baby Breastfeeding Bottles. …
  4. Mimijumi Get Going Bottle Kit. …
  5. Munchkin Latch Newborn Bottles. …
  6. Philips Avent Natural Glass Baby Bottles. …
  7. Lansinoh mOmma NaturalWave Bottle. …
  8. Tommee Tippee Closer Nature Bottles.


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What bottle nipples are best for newborns?

Best Sellers in Baby Bottle Nipples

  • #1. …
  • Dr. …
  • Dr. …
  • Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Added Cereal Baby Bottle Feeding Nipple Replacement, Y-Cut… …
  • Dr. …
  • Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle First Flow Nipple, 0M+, 4pack, Flow 0, SCF657/43. …
  • Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle Fast Flow Nipple, 6M+, 4pack, Flow 4, SCF654/43.

Do Tommee Tippee bottles cause colic?

Tommee Tippee claims the one-way venting system that draws air away from the milk reduces bubbles to cut the chances of your baby getting colic. … (It’s worth noting that these bottles can only be used with the Advanced Anti-Colic Teats – they won’t work with Tommee Tippee’s Closer to Nature Teats.)

Which is better Tommee Tippee or Avent?

Philips Avent bottles offer a more natural human-like nipple, whereas Tommee Tippee uses a more traditional nipple. Tommee Tippee is cheaper per bottle at about $5, whereas Avent averages about $7 per bottle. Tommee Tippee slows down liquid flow more to reduce colic, whereas Avent has a faster flow.

When can I give my breastfed baby a bottle?

Parents often ask “when is the best time to introduce a bottle?” There is not a perfect time, but lactation consultants usually recommend waiting until the breast milk supply is established and breastfeeding is going well. Offering a bottle somewhere between 2-4 weeks is a good time frame.

Why do breastfed babies refuse bottle?

It’s common for breastfed babies to refuse a bottle initially when their mother returns to work or study, while they adjust to major changes such as a new daycare environment and caregivers. Adults often feel less hungry when they first start a new job, too!

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Can you use anti colic bottles with breast milk?

Anti colic: Philips Avent claims these bottles have an advanced anti colic system with an ‘innovative twin valve’. This colic valve is designed to reduce colic by venting air into the bottle instead. The claim: Philips claim the design of their ‘natural bottles’ means they are easy to combine with breastfeeding.

Do I need baby bottles if I am breastfeeding?

You’ll probably need bottles for your baby, whether they’re for feeding formula, breast milk, or both. But when it comes to babies and bottles, there’s no surefire trick for success. And there are so many different styles and brands of baby bottles on the market that it can be a little bewildering.

How many bottles should a baby have a day?

Wake your baby to feed him or her if he or she sleeps longer than 4 to 5 hours. Babies 2 to 6 months old should drink 4 to 5 bottles each day. He or she will drink 4 to 6 ounces at each feeding. When your baby is 2 to 3 months old, he or she may begin to sleep through the night.

Which is better Dr Brown or Avent?

Overall: The Dr. Brown bottle sterilizer is probably a better choice just because it is more affordable and can accommodate taller bottles. However, if you use Avent bottles, the Avent steamers is a solid choice as well.

How do you get my breastfed baby to take a bottle?

Instead of trying to shove the bottle in baby’s mouth, encourage latching on to the bottle the breastfeeding way: bring the nipple up to baby’s nose, then stroke the nipple gently down to baby’s mouth and let her take the latching lead.

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Why do my Tommee Tippee Anti colic bottles leak?

Why do my Advanced Anti Colic Bottles leak? … If water is too hot when you put it in the bottle, it can enter the straw and travel up to the air hole on the screw ring, causing a leak. The solution is to let the water cool for a while after it’s boiled, before you pour it in.

Can I use Tommee Tippee Anti colic teats with normal bottles?

You are not supposed to use anti colic teats on normal bottles as they do not include the vent. …

Does shaking bottle make baby gassy?

Let the formula settle

If you’re using a powdered formula, make sure you let your freshly mixed bottle settle for a minute or two before feeding your baby. … The more shaking and blending involved, the more air bubbles get into the mix, which can then be swallowed by your baby and result in gas.

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