Do you fold baby clothes?

Moms often choose folding baby clothes because: it’s faster to get the laundry done without having to hang every item. it’s easier to keep items completely separated into their ‘types’. drawer dividers shine here as an easy way to keep items together, especially if your drawers are large.

Do you hang or fold baby clothes?

Hanging items are easier to see and grab rather than folded ones. Most baby clothing already comes on plastic hangers that have the sizes marked so all you need to do is hang them right up in the closet with the coordinating size organizer.

Should I hang or fold onesies?

You should fold most of your baby’s onesies and hang the onesies that go with an outfit or the ones you’d like to save for a special occasion.

How do you fold a onesie?

How to Fold Onesies (Using the Marie Kondo Method)

  1. Lay Onesie Flat. Lay the onesie flat and try to smooth out the wrinkles and check that the seams are even.
  2. Fold in the First Side. …
  3. Repeat with the Right Side. …
  4. Fold Up 1/3 of the Way. …
  5. Fold Onesie Up Again. …
  6. Fold Again and Stand Up. …
  7. File in Drawer Divider.
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Is it worth keeping baby clothes?

Babies don’t need that much stuff.

Babies don’t really “NEED” much clothing — especially in the beginning. Yes, it’s fun to dress them up all cute, but as long as you have a handful of white onesies, socks, and sleepers (all of which I did save), you’re good to go for at least the first 2 months.

How do you organize baby clothes without a closet?

7 Smart Clothes Storage Ideas when you don’t have a nursery closet



How many hangers do you need for a baby?

Parents will need around 25 tops baby hangers and 25 baby clip hangers and then at around 3 years will have to buy the same again in kids hanger size.

What can I hang in my nursery closet?

Add Shelves for Additional Storage

And a lot of that stuff can’t be hung on a hanger: blankets, bibs, burp cloths, socks, baby gear, hats, just to name a few! Add shelves to provide additional vertical storage. Read how we used an easy Ikea Billy Bookcase hack to add tons of vertical storage to our nursery closet HERE.

Do you hang up baby sleepers?

You can choose to hang everything: hang up onesies, get little clips for shoes and hanging baskets for socks… but you don’t have to. You could decide you just want to hang things like dressers, coats, and ‘nice’ outfits. Some moms hang everything but socks, onesies and pyjamas.

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What are the folds on baby onesies for?

It turns out the flaps have a clever intended purpose: They help you pull the onesie downwards over baby’s legs rather than trying to get it over her head, which means you can easily get her out of a mess.

How do you fold a onesie to save space?

First, fold the onesie in half vertically, sleeve to sleeve. Next, fold the sleeves back in, on top of the body of the onesie. Finally, fold the onesie in half horizontally, then again. I believe Marie Kondo recommends thirds, but I’ve found that folding baby clothes in fourths generally works better.

How do you fold an adult onesie?

Hold out your onesie upright (with the face facing away from you) and make sure you’re holding it from its arms. Next, rotate it 180 degrees, so that the hood is upside down and the legs are upright. Lastly fold it halfway, so that the legs meet the arms.

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