How did toddler die on cruise ship?

The ship had been docked in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in July 2019, when the toddler, Chloe Wiegand, fell through an 11-story window while she was in the care of her grandfather, Salvatore Anello. …

How did the little girl fell off the cruise ship?

The family’s lawsuit claims Anello lifted Chloe up onto the railing and held her as she leaned forward to bang on the glass. There was no glass pane and she slipped from Anello’s arms, falling 150 feet below to the pier, resulting in her death, the suit says.

Was the grandfather charged in cruise ship death?

Grandfather of toddler who died in cruise ship fall sentenced to probation. Salvatore Anello, the man whose granddaughter fell out of an open cruise ship window in Puerto Rico, has been sentenced to three years of probation in her death. Puerto Rico’s Department of Justice announced the sentencing on Monday.

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How did Chloe Wiegand die?

Family of toddler who died demands answers from cruise line. Chloe, who was 18 months old, died on July 7 after she fell through an open window on the 11th floor of the Freedom of the Seas cruise ship while it was docked in San Juan. Kimberly Wiegand recalled the awful moment she found out what happened.

Did the grandfather know the window was open?

The grandfather of a toddler who fell to her death on a cruise ship “unquestionably” knew the window was open before he held the 18-month-old up to it and lost his grip, the cruise line claims in a court filing. … One of the images shows Anello leaning out the window, the court filing says.

Has anyone ever fell off a cruise ship?

Kay Longstaff, Norwegian Star, 2018

On August 19, 2018, a British woman fell off a cruise ship in the middle of the Adriatic Sea. She treaded water for 10 hours before rescuers were able to pull her out of the water. The ship was 60 miles off the coast of Croatia and was heading to Venice, Italy.

Who fell off a cruise ship?

19, 2018, after she fell off a cruise ship. The 46-year-old woman, whose name ABC News confirmed as Kay Longstaff, told Croatian TV station HRT in a brief interview after the coast guard returned her to shore, that she was on the back deck when she fell off.

What happened to the grandpa who dropped his granddaughter?

Grandfather of toddler who fell out of cruise ship window sentenced to 3 years’ probation. … Salvatore “Sam” Anello, of Valparaiso, Indiana, pleaded guilty to negligent homicide last year after his granddaughter, Chloe Wiegand, fell through an 11-story window from the ship docked in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in July 2019.

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Why is grandfather pleading guilty?

Grandfather pleads guilty in toddler’s cruise ship death

In February, he said that he was going to plead guilty so his family could begin to move on from the tragedy. … He said the decision to change the plea was “incredibly difficult” for Anello and the family.

How old is Freedom of the Seas ship?


Ship Year built Entered service with Royal Caribbean
Freedom of the Seas 2006 4 June 2006
Liberty of the Seas 2007 19 May 2007
Independence of the Seas 2008 2 May 2008

Did Chloe Wiegand land in the water?

Chloe — who was 18 months old when she died on July 7 — fell to the ground from the 11th floor of the Freedom of the Seas cruise ship while it was docked in San Juan, the news outlet reported.

Where is Chloe Wiegand buried?

Chloe was the beloved daughter of Alan Wiegand and Kimberly Schultz Wiegand.

Chloe Rae Margaret “Coco” Wiegand.

Birth 13 Dec 2017 South Bend, St. Joseph County, Indiana, USA
Burial Cremated
Memorial ID 200950072 · View Source

Do cruise ships stop if you fall overboard?

Do Cruise Ships Stop if You Fall Overboard? If a guest on a cruise ship falls overboard the cruise ship will stop and turn back to look for the passenger. It can take a cruise ship up to a mile to stop. The ship will spend several hours looking for the missing passenger and other ships may also join in the search.

Are Balcony rooms worth it on cruises?

A balcony may absolutely be worth it to you, but probably not if these are your primary reasons: 1) You’re looking for a place to smoke. You can’t smoke on cruise ship balconies. Guest demand has made most areas on most ships non-smoking, but in this case the reason is largely safety.

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Where did the baby fall off the cruise ship?

In a statement from the Puerto Rican Department of Justice previously obtained by PEOPLE, prosecutors alleged that Anello “negligently exposed the child to the abyss through a window on the 11th floor” of the cruise ship. Anello and his family have long maintained that Chloe’s fall was an accident and not a crime.

Can you open the window on a cruise ship?

It’s not possible to open the portholes and picture windows in Ocean View Cabins, but if you are staying in a Balcony Suite or a Suite, you will be able to open your French windows and take in stunning scenic views from the comfort of your own private space – ideal for catching the sunrise while your room-mate sleeps, …

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