How do you compliment a baby?

How do you compliment a cute baby?

She has a great smile!

  1. Soooo cute just like me.
  2. She has such big beautiful eyes!
  3. She is so cute. …
  4. Hi..your babies here are really so cute hope you’ll add more of it soon.. …
  5. Baby is so cute, she looks like a princess, adorable!!
  6. OMG, that baby is so cute!!! he has gorgeous eyes. …
  7. She is awesome!! …
  8. So cuteee baby!!!!


How do you describe a cute baby?

Adorable, cute, sweet, innocent, angelic, charming, beautiful and observant or alert.

How do you complement a child?

1. Praise Sincerely And Honestly. We sometimes praise our children purposely to boost their self-esteem, motivate them, encourage certain behavior, or protect from them from hurtful feelings. However, if encouraging words are not perceived as sincere and honest, children won’t feel very encouraged​1​.

How do you praise a child in 100 ways?

100 Ways to Praise Your Child

  1. That’s Incredible!
  2. How Extraordinary!
  3. You’re Very Talented!
  4. Outstanding Performance!
  5. Far Out!
  6. Great!
  7. Very Brave!
  8. Marvelous!
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How do you praise a child words?

50 Words and Phrases to Encourage or Praise Your Child

  1. You’re on the right track.
  2. You’ve worked really hard.
  3. I heard you say how you feel, that’s great.
  4. Oh wow, that turned out really well.
  5. That’s coming along nicely.
  6. I’ve proud of the way you worked today.
  7. Congratulations.
  8. That’s the best you’ve ever done.


What do you call a cute baby girl?

Adorable. Adorbs. Almond Joy. Angel.

How do you describe a cute little boy?

Here are some adjectives for baby boy: scarlet, normal, adorable, healthy, strapping brown, prettiest, merriest, fine, black-haired, healthy, well-made, helpless, vulnerable, bronzed and bearded, white fat, healthy, handsome, beautiful, healthy, two-year-old, itty-bitty, beautiful blond, healthy-looking, one-year-old, …

What is a fancy word for Cute?

What is another word for cute?

adorable dear
dainty darling
innocent lovable
precious charming
cuddly delightful

When should you praise a child?

Praise is when you tell children that you like the way they’re behaving. Praise works best when it describes the behaviour you like. Encouragement is praise for effort – for example, when you can see your child is trying hard. You can praise and encourage your child at any age.

Can you praise a child too much?

And when parents do praise, they should be careful not to overdo it. Borba explains that, when the zealous praise becomes too common, it gets watered down and becomes meaningless for the kid. “Some parents are a little more cautious about when they praise,” says Borba.

What are some praise words?

Encouragement and praise phrases

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Great! Phenomenal! Superb!
You’ve Outdone Yourself! Marvelous! Your Help Counts!
Amazing Effort! Bravo! Exceptional!
Breathtaking! Wonderful! You’re Special!
Keep Up The Good Work! First Rate Work! Fantastic Work!

What are good compliments for kids?

Kids love to be complimented—especially by their parents.

  • I love when you ______.
  • You’re talented.
  • You have great dreams.
  • You’re intelligent.
  • You’re interesting.
  • I’m so glad you’re mine.
  • You have great ideas.
  • You make me so proud.

What are the fifty ways to praise a child?

I knew you could do it! I’m so proud of you! Fantastic! That’s great!

I appreciate your help!

  • Thank you!
  • It looks beautiful!
  • You’re so clever!
  • Marvelous!
  • Keep going!
  • You can do it!
  • Don’t give up!
  • I believe in you!


What can you say besides good job?

The List

  • “Hmm!” Smile and nod. That’s right. …
  • Tell me about this! …
  • I can see that you_____. ( …
  • You look proud. …
  • Describe + How did you do it? …
  • Thank you! …
  • Describe + I appreciate your hard work / effort. …
  • Your face looks happy!


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