What about their pre baby lives do parents miss most?

What do parents miss most about pre baby life?

A spotless house, Saturday morning lie-ins – and going to the toilet without being disturbed are the things parents miss most about life before children, it has emerged. … And despite having to make life adjustments, almost nine in 10 parents said having a child was the best thing they have ever done.

Is it normal to miss your pre baby life?

It’s Normal to Miss Your Old Baby-Free Life While You Adjust to Your New One.

What parents miss most?

Top 40 Things Parents Miss Most About Life Before Kids

  • Saturday morning lie-ins.
  • A clean and tidy house.
  • Leaving the house at a moment’s notice, without having to worry about a babysitter.
  • Date nights.
  • Watching television in complete peace.
  • Spending money guilt free.
  • Nights out with friends.
  • Going to the toilet without being disturbed.

What do new parents miss?

Many of the parents missed the simple things, like watching television without anyone bothering them, or having a bath or shower free of disruptions. The ability to read a book in peace and quiet during the day or being able to enjoy a night out with friends was also listed as something parents missed being able to do.

Is it normal to not like being a mom sometimes?

Common Reasons Behind An Unhappy Parenthood And Why Many Feel They Hate Being A Mom. There are many reasons why mothers may feel unhappy from time to time. Sometimes, it’s just a lonely job. It’s common for mothers to have to deal with issues alone, especially if they’re a single parent.

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Can you still have a life with a baby?

Here’s how. This article first appeared in the March/April 2017 issue of Your Baby magazine. Having a baby turns your world upside down in so many ways.

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