Why does my child ask the same question?

The child may have trouble expressing something else they want to ask and substitute a familiar question instead. In a similar vein, there may be a desire to communicate but the child may not know yet how to start or maintain conversations.

Is it normal for a 3 year old to ask the same question over and over?

Is it normal for a child to repeatedly ask the same question over and over again, even when he knows the answer? Absolutely normal. They keep asking, hoping to get an answer they like better each time.

Is it normal for toddlers to repeat questions?

Echolalia, or repeating what is heard, is a very normal part of language development. … Children learn to use language by repeating what they hear around them. Then, as their language skills increase, they start making up their own utterances more and you see the use of echoing or repeating decline.

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What is repetitive questioning?

Repetitive questioning is a major problem for caregivers, particularly taxing if they are unable to recognize and understand the reasons why their loved one keeps asking the same question over and over again. … If he is concerned about a particular topic, he will keep asking the same question over and over again.

What does it mean when someone asks you the same question over and over again?

Repeating the same questions is often a sign that the person with dementia is trying to tell us something or that they need some reassurance. Sometimes just answering their questions is enough, and at other times we may need to step into their world for a while.

Is repeating words a sign of autism?

Many children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) use echolalia, which means they repeat others’ words or sentences. They might repeat the words of familiar people (parents, teachers), or they might repeat sentences from their favourite video.

Why does my child say the same thing over and over?

Speaking is no different! When kids repeat themselves or ask the same question repeatedly, one of the main reasons is that they’re practicing speaking. Toddlers and preschoolers may repeat words and phrases to try them out and commit them to memory.

Should a 2 year old be able to answer questions?

The ability to answer questions is a very important skill to a developing child. Children should be able to answer “what’s this” questions about familiar objects or pictures by 2 years of age.

At what age should a child answer questions?

By age 3 years of age, most children can correctly answer common questions that relate to themselves (e.g., “What’s your name?” “How old are you?” and” Are you a boy or a girl?”) Teach your Toddler to Answer “What’s That?” Start by teaching your child to answer, “What’s that?” questions to label items.

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Is echolalia normal in toddlers?

Echolalia is actually a normal part of child development: as toddlers learn to speak, they imitate the sounds they hear. 2 Over time, however, a typically developing child will start to use language to communicate their wants, needs, and ideas by stringing together sounds and words in novel ways.

What to do if someone keeps asking you questions?

17 Amazing Tricks for Dodging Unwanted Questions

  1. Enlist the help of a friend. Sometimes, you just know someone is going to ask you an unwanted question. …
  2. Restate—and reframe—the question. …
  3. Deflect with a joke. …
  4. Offer advice instead of an answer. …
  5. Deflect the question back to the asker with a compliment. …
  6. Turn the tables. …
  7. Address a related, but safer, personal topic.


Is repetitive questioning a sign of dementia?

Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias cause problems with short-term memory. This can lead to repetitive behaviors, like asking the same question or saying the same things over and over.

Is repeating questions a sign of dementia?

Being repetitive

Repetition is common in dementia because of memory loss and general behavioral changes. The person may repeat daily tasks, such as shaving, or they may collect items obsessively. They also may repeat the same questions in a conversation after they’ve been answered.

What does it mean when someone keeps asking questions?

There are a number of reasons why they keep asking: You obviously evaded answering THE QUESTION they asked. You answered to another question due to misunderstanding. You didn’t answer the question AT ALL and the asker deemed they required one.

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Do autistic children ask lots of questions?

It is not uncommon for children to ask excessive questions to help them understand and learn new concepts.

Why do some people repeat questions?

Some people repeat the question to make sure it’s what they heard; they’re hearing impaired or perhaps the room was noisy. A person will repeat the question as a way to stall while they try to come up with a lie. A question will be repeated because the individual wants to feel in control of the verbal transaction.

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