Your question: How do you make golden morn for babies?

Mix both grinded maize with soya beans and add few drops of liquid milk flavor, salt and very smooth sugar to coat the soya beans and maize. Leave outside to dry very well, then bake let it dry for proper preservation . Your homemade Golden morn is ready. Serve with warm water, sweetened milk and sugar.

Can I give my baby golden morn?

They are specially designed to be suitable for babies when breast milk alone can no longer meet their nutritional demands. … This is also why Nestle, the maker of Golden Morn have a warning clearly written on the pack: “GOLDEN MORN is not an infant cereal. Not suitable for children below 3 years of age”.

How do I prepare Golden Morn?

Made with whole corn flour, sucrose and soya bean flour. Pour into hot or cold water in bowl your cereal, add milk and sugar, stir with spoon and enjoy its sweet rich taste. Hi, welcome to my channel. The nestle golden morn is a nutritious and healthy cereal made from both maize and soya.

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Can 9 months old baby eat golden morn?

Please can feed my nine months old baby with golden morn? According to Nestle, it is not suitable for children below 3 years” as a precautionary measure because it is not formulated as an infant or weaning cereal.

What is Golden Morn made from?

Golden Morn is a Nestlé brand Nigerian cereal made from locally sourced whole grain maize and soybeans.

What cereal is best for babies?

Here, the best baby cereals:

  • Best Overall: Happy Baby Oatmeal. …
  • Best Organic: WutsupBaby Organic Quinoa Infant & Baby Cereal. …
  • Best Rice: Earth’s Best Organic Infant Rice Cereal. …
  • Best on a Budget: Quaker Old Fashioned Oatmeal. …
  • Best Multigrain: Beech-Nut Multigrain Baby Cereal. …
  • Best Single Ingredient: Holle Oatmeal Cereal.


Can I give my baby Quaker Oats?

When can babies eat quaker oatmeal? Babies can eat Quaker oatmeal once they have become at least six months old. Before they have turned six months of age, it’s recommended to offer them only breastmilk.

How do you make breakfast cereal?

How to Make a Bowl of Cereal

  1. Step 1: Gather Your Supplies. The first step is to get the supplies needed for a bowl of cereal: 1. …
  2. Step 2: Get Bowl and Add Cereal. First get your bowl and place it on the counter top or table. …
  3. Step 3: Add Milk. Now it is time to add milk! …
  4. Step 4: Add Spoon and Enjoy!

What’s a cereal?

A cereal is any grass cultivated (grown) for the edible components of its grain (botanically, a type of fruit called a caryopsis), composed of the endosperm, germ, and bran. … In some developing countries, grain in the form of rice, wheat, millet, or maize constitutes a majority of daily sustenance.

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Can Milo be given to babies?

In summary, Milo made with milk can be an occasional drink for children, but limit to less than once a week (and restrict other sweetened drinks) and have it as part of a varied and balanced diet.”

Is Nutribon good for baby?

Nutribom Infant Cereal is an excellent everyday food source ideal for a healthy balanced diet for babies from six months of age. Nutribom contains important vitamins such as iron; vitamins A, C & D and zinc to name a few.

How can I make my baby rich pap?


  1. 3 cup dry yellow or white corn.
  2. 4 cups guinea corn (white or red)
  3. 2 cups millet.
  4. Ginger, Cloves, Cinnamon Stick, Flavour (optional these may make it spicey)
  5. Water.
  6. Muslin/ Chiffon cloth or large scarf.
  7. Thick cotton bag or salt bag (ensure it has no salt).
  8. Paint bucket or Big bowl.

Which is the best cereal for weight loss?

11 Healthy Cereals You Should Be Eating If You Want To Lose Weight

  • Special K Protein Plus. scorpiosunshine. 1,828 followers. …
  • Cheerios Protein. mrsmichelletill. 2,701 followers. …
  • BearNaked Honey Almond. bearnakedgranola. 16.5K followers. …
  • Cinnamon Harvest Whole Wheat Biscuits. thesunlitskillet. 167 followers. …
  • Fiber One. fiberone.


What can you do with Golden Morn?

7 Things You Can Combine With Golden Morn For A Different Taste

  • Golden Morn and beans. This gives a different flavour. …
  • Golden Morn and groundnuts. Think of it as drinking garri, actually. …
  • Golden Morn and fried plantain. …
  • Golden Morn and Stew. …
  • Golden Morn and moi-moi. …
  • Golden Morn and vegetable soup. …
  • Golden Morn and bread.
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Do cereals make you fat?

When trying to lose weight, you might reach for low-calorie cereals to start your day. While these breakfast foods may be low in calories, they are often loaded with added sugars. Plus, many low-calorie cereals lack the protein and healthy fats that help you feel satisfied.

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